Benefits of A-rated units

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Here at G&S Window Systems, we get a lot of customers asking;

“what are the benefits of replacing my units with A rated units?”

There may come a time where your units begin to mist over, if this happens you will require new units and this is where A-rated units come in.

A rated windows or ‘energy efficient’ windows will improve the energy-efficiency of your home, reducing the energy you use and helping to reduce those pesky heating bills! With A rated windows you can see and feel the difference immediately. They are significantly more effective than existing single glazing or standard double glazing.

If you have noticed your window units misting up and want to save money on your heating bills, then A rated windows may be just the answer!

This is where we come in! Give us a call on 01244 818182 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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